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70th Anniversary

70th Anniversary

With many thanks and guests from all over the world, the Hadeco 70th anniversary party took place on April 6, 2018, at the Hotel New Otani in Tokyo.

We set the theme for the 70th anniversary a few years back and it's "Appreciation, Challenge, and Pride". The theme implies firstly the appreciation to all the people involved over the 70 years, secondly the challenge for better technology, quality, and costs, and finally the pride for the days of continuously carrying out the said appreciation and challenge.

We shall continue to listen to our customers and work hard on the meaning of our existence "We shall exist to contribute to the prosperity of the world by proud manufacturing of medical equipment", which our founder Jun Hayashi highly respected.

Yasu Hayashi
President of Hadeco, Inc.

***70th anniv. Party***
70th anniv. Party 1

70th anniv. Party 2

***International sales meeting held on the same day prior to the party***
Sales meeting 2018

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