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Q. How do I select probe frequency?
A. As shown below, the frequency of diagnostic ultrasound is inversely proportional to focal depth, 2MHz has the deepest penetration and 10MHz is the most superficial.
Frequency Focal depth Application
2MHz 100 mm Fetal heart rate
4MHz 15 mm Carotid and deep vessels like Femoral vessels
5MHz 15 mm Carotid and deep vessels like Femoral vessels
8MHz 10 mm Peripheral extremity vessels like wrist or ankle
10MHz 5 mm Finger, Superficial vessels
20MHz 3 mm Most superficial vessels

Q. <For pocket Dopplers >
Noisy beeps come out as soon as it’s turned on. What’s wrong with it?
A. Battery(s) is low. Please replace with new alkaline battery(s).
Note:Occurence of low battery has been fully improved with latest pocket Dopplers.

Q. <For printing Dopplers >
Printer is not working well. What’s wrong with it?
Thermal printing paper
Please make sure to use our standard thermal paper. Using another one may cause unclear or light printing.
Make sure the printing side of paper is correct. Setting it upside-down will cause no printing on paper.
Cutting or replacing printing paper
Printer head is very sensitive, therefore, please always set the paper gently toward printing direction when cutting and replacing paper.
Please DO NOT pull paper toward reverse direction too strongly or it may cause a serious damage to printer.
Please read the operating manual carefully for printer paper setting.

Q. How do I perform maintenance?
In case, unit surface get dirt, wipe it with dump cloth and wipe the surface with soft dry cloth.
Wipe surface with soft dry cloth.
Please wipe probe head gently and always make sure to remove Doppler gel after use.

Q. How do I update my Smart-V-Link?

An updater software for the latest version can be downloaded at the following link.
Go to Option screen to check the version of your Smart-V-Link before updating:

1. Version 4 updater software
2. Version 3 updater software (USB version) for V3 users with USB cable
3. Version 3 updater software (RS232 version) for V3 users with RS232 cable
Support for the V1 and V2 is no longer available.


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