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Vascular Link Software

Vascular Link Software

Smart-V-Link for Windows® Version 4
New features for Version 4

  • Formally supporting Windows 10, required system.=>Click here.
  • Site Screen added for registering site & test names for Doppler(s)*1 to allow you to perform SVL testing without connecting computer.
  • Volume flow calculations available by entering vessel diameter.
  • *1: Bidop 7, Latest Smartdop 45 as of Dec, 2014, and Latest ES-100V3 as of Feb, 2015.

Common features

  • ABI, TBI and arterial blood flow velocity
  • Fully auto-gain controlled waveform by computer
  • Real-time vascular waveform display
  • Data storage for future reference
  • Standardized testing modules for easy operation and documentation
  • Auto-testing with SD-30EX to simplify entire testing for ABI , PV, & Lower screens. =>Click here.
  • Auto-freeze/decision/save for expert mode. =>Click here.
  • Waveform data download for Dopplers supporting download capability
  • Customized screen with suitable names & number of site


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Testing moduleThumbnailNote
Main Screen
Ankle Brachial Index(ABI)ABI/TBI interpretation complied with ACC/AHA Guidelines(2005).
PPG Arterial
PV ArterialOnly available for Smartdop 30EX.
Lower Extremity Segmental
Upper Extremity Segmental
PPG Venous Reflux
Venous Doppler
Custom ScreenCustom screen with suitable names & number of site. Image of your favorite site can be pasted in the center.
Foot TemperatureExcept EU Member Nations. Only available for the Dopplers*1 supporting the optional temperature probe, TP-02
Pressure Monitor
DownloadOnly available for Dopplers supporting download capability*2.
Site ScreenOnly available for the Dopplers*1 supporting site guidance mode.
*1: Latest Smartdop 45 and ES-100V3 as of Jun, 2015.
*2: ES-100V3, SD-45, SD-30EX, DVM-4500, Bidop 7 as of Feb, 2020.

Required system

OSWindows® 8.1/10 (Except Tablet PC)
CPU clockCore i3 1.3GHz or more
DisplaySVGA(800 x 600 dots) or more, 256 colors or more
Applicable DopplerHadeco Doppler with USB port:
- ES-100V3 (Serial Number 15020001 or more),
- Smartdop 45 (Serial Number 05030001 or more),
- DVM-4500 (Serial Number 12080001 or more),
- Bidop 7
as of Feb. 2020
InterfaceSpecial USB cable
Install mediaUSB Flash Memory

<Note> Installing all versions(Ver1.X, 2.0, 3.X & 4.X) on your computer is doable.

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